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CoQuS PhD students in cooperation with Laurenz Widhalm (HEPHY ? ÖAW / CERN) opened the doors of the Faculty of Physics for an interactive workshop on the astounding phenomena of Quantum Physics: ?Die verrückte Welt des Quantenlands"

This workshop was part of the ?Wiener Science Lectures?, an initiative of the ?Wiener Stadtschulrat (Vienna School Board)? to spark the interest of 7 to 14 year old students in fundamental science and cutting-edge research.

The students visiting the Faculty were taken on a journey to the extraordinary world of tiny particles. Researchers have found these building blocks that make up the entire Universe to behave quite unexpectedly. In the course of the ?Wiener Science Lecture?, the young visitors were given the opportunity to verify by themselves the strange predictions made by Quantum Physics.

CoQuS PhD students guided the visiting students through hands-on demonstrative experiments. In these experimental set-ups, the young visitors could explore the Quantum nature of the elementary particles of light. In addition, the CoQuS PhD students granted access to their own laboratories. In these ultra-modern research facilities scientists aim to learn more about the open questions of Quantum Physics.

A 3D movie -filmed at the site of the world?s largest experiment- which shows in striking pictures the impressive scale of the particle accelerators at CERN completed the ?Wiener Science Lecture: Die verrückte Welt des Quantenlands?.

This workshop was possible due to the input of the following members of the Faculty of Physics (University of Vienna): Igor Pikovski,   Maximilian Ebner, Michael Keller, Alexandra Mech, Max Tillman, Nadine Dörre, Stefan Gerlich, Jason Hölscher-Obermaier, Nikolai Kiesel, Christiane M Losert-Valiente Kroon.


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